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Resume Writing & Career Coach

I offer career counseling. I will help you every step of the way when you apply for a job; from your cover letter and resume/CV to your interview and sending thank you notes after the interview! Let me edit all your correspondence with potential employers and provide support through the entire process.

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The job seekers desktop, there is coffee, a laptop, and a notebook


I will create a custom resume tailored to each job you apply for. I also will write the cover letter for each job. Once you get an interview, I will guide you through the process and answer any questions.


Disability-accessible guidance. I can talk to you via phone, email, or Facebook Messenger.Video chat with American Sign Language available.


  • Resume - $20

  • Resume and Cover Letter - $40

  • All-inclusive (Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn, Guidance through the interview process) - $60

  • All-inclusive Double package two of everything excluding Linkedin - $120


  • Each tailored resume is $20.

  • Each tailored Cover Letter is $20.

  • LinkedIn Page is $35.


Kate Pollack holds two master's degrees from Syracuse University and is a published writer. She works for the state of New York in the Integrated Court System as a Planner. Kate enjoys collecting antiques, swimming, and cartooning.

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